Live Monopoly Casino: Good Reasons to Play

Live Monopoly Casino: Good Reasons to Play

Among the most popular entertainment for casino game enthusiasts is the Live Monopoly casino. Although the concept differs slightly from the classic board game, it is no less interesting. Monopoly is a board game that focuses on the desire and pleasure of wealth. It is therefore a game par excellence that fits in with the world of online casinos. Is it worth playing Monopoly Live? And what are the advantages of this live casino game?

Monopoly Live wheel and presenter

As of 2021, the success of Live Monopoly Casino is skyrocketing to the list of most popular games. Evolution gaming is a specialist provider of live casino game design. It has harnessed the luxury and sumptuousness of the board game to incorporate it into online betting. Young and old alike love this game that reflects the joy of investing and enterprise. But this time, Monopoly Live is reserved for adults who will pay out their wallets. And the winnings will also be in real money. Being a timeless game, Monopoly is revealed in the live casino.

Monopoly Live Casino

In order to better match the live casino concept, a few adaptations were necessary. The board on the interface does not look exactly like the one on the physical game board. For example, the wheel of fortune is presented by a host. The aim is to involve a real person, like the dealer for table games. The mascot, Mr. Monopoly, is a signature of the seriousness of the live casino game design.

Mr. Monopoly with a bag of money in his hands

Monopoly Live: How does a game go?

This live casino game has some similarities with roulette. The game is played by betting on the probabilities of the outcome that are displayed on the big wheel. You can choose from 6 tickets, with a few seconds to think about betting.

The minimum amount accepted is about $0.93 and the maximum is around $900. Once you have placed your bet, it is no longer possible to change. The host then spins the wheel, and the players wait until the needle indicates the result. If the arrow stops on 1, 2, 5, or 10, the winnings are immediate if you have chosen the right number.

Monopoly Live wheel and bonus

What are the different possible outcomes?

In case the wheel pointer points to a number, there are two possibilities:

  1. You can get random prizes and multipliers for luck,
  2. You win the right to participate in a bonus game on Monopoly Live if you land on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.
Car figurine from the classic game of Monopoly

In terms of winnings, the amount you cash in varies depending on the sections you choose:

  • Grey: you will get 1x your bet,
  • Green: you will get double,
  • Pink: you get 5 times your stake,
  • Blue: you win 10 times the amount,
  • Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls: you’ll get up to 150 times your stake.

Know how to play Monopoly Live casino to win better?

Of course, being lucky is an asset to win a lot. Unlike poker or Blackjack, you are not competing with other players in Live Monopoly casino. Therefore, it is recommended that you talk to the other participants to learn from their experiences. You will be placed in a live session with bettors, chatting and giving each other tips.

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