Live Monopoly Casino – Good Reasons to Play Game

Live Monopoly has been a staple among board gamers for centuries. This is a variant of the game based on the popular board game Monopoly. It involves spinning the wheel and encouraging players to bet on certain spots with special prizes. With this guide on playing Monopoly Live, you are able to relive the classics like never before, making the most of the game.

Game feature

When you open this game, you’ll immediately see the betting panel. You can also see the chat screen and chat with other gamers or even with the dealer. By the way, the dealers are very fond of jokes. 

Unlike the classic game of Monopoly, the Internet game version, which everyone can find at any Live Monopoly Casino, is different in that it has a money wheel. The Money Wheel is divided into identical individual sectors, in which numbers from one to 10 are placed. This is a peculiar move taken from the classic table game and corresponds to the money bills. And all such sectors with numbers, there are 48. Then, in addition to the presented sectors with numbers, there are “2 ROLLS”, “4 ROLLS” and “Chance”. These accounts represent free spaces on the main game wheel, and each player is free to place bets. There are a total of 54 sectors on the wheel.

Live Monopoly Payout

Mr. Monopoly with a Money Bag

Each sector on the wheel has its payout depending on what is displayed on the sector that has become the winning one. For example, a 1 bill appears 22 times on the wheel and has a payout of 1 to 1. Bill 2 appears only 15 times, so the payout is 2 to 1. Bills 5 and 10 appear only 7 and 4 times, so their payouts are 5 to 1 and 10 to 1, respectively. 

As for the 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS sectors, they are special because they allow you to trigger a special bonus game exclusive to Live Monopoly its 3D bonus game

Live Monopoly «CHANCE»

The CHANCE sector on the Money Wheel doesn’t have a standard payout as it does elsewhere. Instead, it has 2 possible rewards: a cash prize and a multiplier. If Chance gives you a cash award, you get your bet back in addition to your winnings.

On the other hand, if Chance gives you the multiplier, all your bets stay put on the wheel. Then, the wheel spins again, and the chance multiplies any winnings from the second spin. 

A metal car stands on the Monopoly game board

Bonus Game

If the wheel stops at “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS”, it activates the 3D bonus game. From this point, you are transported to the classic game of Monopoly. 

If the 3D bonus game is active, houses and hotels are randomly placed around the playing field. Then, a virtual Mr. Monopoly goes around the sectors and picks up all prizes for players. The “2 ROLLS” bonus game tells us that the gamer has to roll the dice at least twice, and in the “4 ROLLS” variant, at least 4 times. The dice are rolled in the studio, and if a deuce is rolled, each participant receives an additional award.  As for the rewards about the bonus game, they depend on what kind of properties Mr. Monopoly chooses.

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