How to get an exclusive bonus at online casinos?

As the name suggests, an exclusive bonus is a bonus that is given exclusively by the online casino or online casino portal where you play. The exclusive bonus is personal, tailored to your game or person. This bonus is not common to all players when given to you or in general. Exclusive bonuses can be tied to a date or your player account.

They are, after all, quite common. Welcome bonuses, bonuses that occur on a date that is personal to you, but also loyalty bonuses and VIP bonuses, as well as all deposit bonuses, can be exclusive bonuses in the sense that they are specifically dependent on your personal play.

Which bonuses are exclusive?

But other bonuses can be considered exclusive. Bonuses that reward your play, such as loyalty bonuses, are also exclusive. Rewarding a player for their play, for their experience, for their seriousness about the casino, is in itself a bonus that is reserved for them, based on their personal play. This is also known as an exclusive bonus. Loyalty bonuses are usually counted in points.

In most casinos, 10 points are worth 1C$. So if you have accumulated 200 points, the casino will give you 20 dollars. However, there are different rules for earning these loyalty points. Some casinos award them for the first game, some only for tournaments or other promotions, and others make them conditional on certain deposit amounts or even wagers.

What is the peculiarity of welcome bonuses?

Finally, welcome bonuses are considered doubly exclusive. There are two types of welcome bonuses: no deposit signup bonuses and deposit welcome bonuses. They are both exclusive because they are exceptional bonuses, which sometimes go up to 200, 300, even 400 or 500% – in the case of a no deposit bonus, we are talking about a free bonus of 20 to 50C$ offered by the casino.

As such, they are granted only once, at the time of registration and/or first deposit, that is to say, in a unique, exclusive situation, which will not be repeated on the same account and for the same player. But they are also exclusive on the other hand – as far as welcome bonuses with deposit are concerned – because they are adapted to the amount of exclusive personal deposit. Also, two different players who deposit a different amount will not get the same bonus.

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