Titre: Summary of meetings, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, May 15, June 2, 9, 13, 16, 18, 1919 and June 23, 1919, p. 186-188
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4857, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, File 3 Minutes Aug 1912-Sept 1928
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Special Meeting Monday June 23th
Bro Egart read communication from Chicago
Pressemen Union with donation of $25.00
Sec to write informing them strike called off and
if they are agreeable to us retaining cheque.
M. & T. That we take up the following names
of suspended members who came out on strike
with Union said members to be reinstated
on terms according to Motion with exceptions
as noted against names-
H. Marshall, L.Sturgeon, W. Ewing, E.Welch,
E. Benson, H. Stubbs, T. Setler, A. Hart
N. D. Leveque, L. Pearson, H. Williams A. Grundy,
F. Martin, A. Richter, H. Marcham, T. Ward.
To be investigated J. Ewin, C. Ewin.
To get recommended from foreman W. Sinclair
Days Pay and initiation - J. Rodgers
Await application from W. Labovitale.
Bro Ware elected Auditor with Bro Hurienan
Ex. Coun to get terms on Hall and
on Monday. M& T. That we share Bookbinders
room for 1 month. M&T That Roberts and
Turner be left to Ex. Reported by V. P. Roberts
that Labor News had been stopped. M & T.
That we call Allied Meeting to protest
and also send letters of protest to the Mayor &
Board of Trade and Master Printers Association
discussion on Scale and Bros. Roberts and
Rubin resigned. Meeting adjourned 10.15 pm

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