Titre: Summary of meetings, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, May 15, June 2, 9, 13, 16, 18, 1919 and June 23, 1919, p. 186-188
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4857, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, File 3 Minutes Aug 1912-Sept 1928
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Summary of Strike Meetings continued
"That roll call Members reinstated members
and members rejoining now be allowed vote
"That we resume work on Monday and donate
one third of our salary to Strike Funds
"Results of Vote Out 70 In 22.
June 9 Bro [Brother] Marks advise taking no vote till Wed.
"That Sec Treas. [Secretary Treasurer] apply to Strike Com. [Committee] for $500.00
"That vote be taken on the Wed. as at previous vote
"Mass Meeting with Bookbinders Photo Engrave. [Engravers]
& Lithos [Lithographers] be held on Friday June 13th
"That we wire Locals for Assistance
June 13 At Mass Meeting of Allied Trades after
hearing speeches by Del. [Delegate] Pritchard V.P. Marks
V.P. McGlachlan Bros Veitch, Hay and much
discussion a unanimous vote to stay out
was passed and to hold another meeting in
one week from date.
June 16 Special Meeting all L. That Mass Meeting
be held on Friday if still out"
June 16 Special Meeting Bro Ewart read communication
from V.P. Marks. "Bro Veitch read communication
from T& L. C. promising reinstatement of all strikers
and stating belief of a settlement in 48 hours."
M.& T That we take a return vote at 2 pm Wed
Amend. Alter to 10 am Wednesday. Bro Marks
agreeable. Adjournment to 10 am Wed June 18
Amend. - 34 For 24 Against.
June 18 Meeting opened 1015. Bro Hamilton moved Sec by
Bro Daniels that we return to work at once
Ballot - In 29 Out 15. M & T That Pres. and
Sec with Bro Marks Int. V. P. have conference
with Bosses as to reinstalment without dis-
crimation. Result- All Bosses agreeable
M&T That a meeting be held evey Monday
evening until termination of Strike

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