Titre: Summary of meetings, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, May 15, June 2, 9, 13, 16, 18, 1919 and June 23, 1919, p. 186-188
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4857, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, File 3 Minutes Aug 1912-Sept 1928
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Summary of a Meeting held during Strike
which lasted from May 15th to June 18th.
The following Motions were passsed:-
"That Boys and Girls be called out whether
Union or not and be paid from funds.
"That Picket be placed round every shop
"That Telgram be sent to notify Intern-
tional and ask for Strike Benefit
"That all suspended Members who have
come out and stay out be received as new
members. The matter to be left to Exec. [Executive]
"The the Exec. Coun [Council] have power to grant
permission for all printing necessary.
"That Telegram be sent to Senator Roberston
condemning his reported statement in
Free Press "deploring the conditions existing
in Winnipeg" Bro [Brother] Ewart reported Telegram
sent International and reply received
"That Bro Hineman go to Brandon to stop
Free Press being printed if possible
"That this union donate $10.00 to Strike
Committee for Gasoline for Cars.
"That Telegram be sent postponing Pressmen
Convention indefinitely"
"Bro Roper address the Meeting"
"That this Union demands a stricter cen-
sorship on Articles appearing News
"That no notice be taken of Telegram received
by Bro Boyle. "That International send
Del. up at their own expense" Votes
tied up and Chair cast vote in favor.
"That General Meeting be held immediately
after Special Meeting of June 2nd.
"That any Members found calling on Bosses
be barred from these meetings.
"That Pickets be sent to houses of members
reported working. "Vote of sympathy passed
for Bro Hallett sad bereavement.
"That application for permit from West Can
lay on table while vote for return was
taken. "That secret roll call vote be taken"

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