Titre: Minutes, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, 21 May 1918, excerpt, not paginated
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4857, Winnipeg Printing Pressmen Assistants and Feeders Union, Local No. 87, File 3 Minutes Aug 1912-Sept 1928
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Special General Meeting May 21st/1918
This meeting was called to discuss our attitude
regarding the Civic Employees Strike it was held
in Room 21 in the Labor Temple at 6 o'clok with
with Bro. [Brother] B. Wooland in the chair. The meeting
was called to order at 6.20 pm. We were honored
by having Bro. Al. Queen and Delegate Bro Johns of
the Strike Committee present and they very satis-
factorly explained the strike situation and
the different events that led up to the strike
to us. The President then read the reply from
the Intenational to the wire that Bro Egant
sent asking for sanction to strike on what
action they deemed advisable for us to follow.
The reply follows
Our Laws require sanction for strike be given by
board of directors necessary question for strike
sanction be wired to each member of board
for immediate action, Our Contract must be
adheree to in every particular.
We then had a discussion on the advisability
of striking under the discussion Bro W. Hay
suggested that we might give 50 per cent of our
earnings to help the strikers failing that we
did not come out, Bro Vietch then gave a
speech outlining various methods of dealing
with the situation by different Unions and
concluded by asking this Union for a solid
vote in favor of a strike. Bro Hammond
then question the action of this Union by
taking a strike vote till we had a definite
answer from the International Bro Hammond
made the following motion, that this Union take
a strike vote and hold the same till we get
Internationals sanction before we hand it over
to the strike Committee this motion was
defeated by Bro Vietch's amendment to the
motion was was that we take a strike vote
and failing to hear from the Internation-
al wh within 48 hours that the we

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