Titre: Minutes, Women's Christian Temperance Union, 28 may 1918, excerpt, p. 122
Auteur: Women's Christian Temperance Union
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4629, Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Provincial Executive Minute Book 1913-1923, p. 122
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Rev. [Reverend] A. Rose introduced to executive and
gave an address on "Our English Speaking
population". Forty six per cent of the
population of Winnipeg are of foreign
nationality. In seven blocks in Winnipeg
North seventeen nationalities are found.
There are only 17% English Speaking
people in this section of the City.
Rev. [Reverend] Rose said "womanhood is thougth so
of by the Slavic people in
mind and attitude the man is absolute
". We have a long way to go and
much hard work to do before this attitude
is changed. Mr. Rose deplores the
early marriages & suggested that our
organization through our Legislative
work try & get legislation to make it
much more difficult to get marriage
licenses. He said too "We must depend
on the women for the education of
these women". Legislation may do much
education will do much, but it is the
personal _ that count for most.

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