Titre: Resolutions passed at a public meeting of the parish of St. Clements 22 February 1870
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B1, Thomas Bunn, 1868-1870 #2
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Reports of Elections held in the several
English parishes, Feb. [February] 1870 for the election of
Members to serve in the Local Legislative Assembly
- St. Clement’s-

Resolutions passed at a public meeting of the
parish of St. Clement’s, Red River, held in the parish
school room, Feb. [February] 22nd 1870. Rev. [Reverend] John Pruden, Chairman
1st. That we the inhabitants of the parish of St. Clements
do now acknowledge and hereby declare ourselves,
subject to the provisional Government about to be
formed under Louis Riel as President and a Council
consisting of 24 members, of whom 12 shall be English
and 12 French.
2nd. That Mr. Thos. [Thomas] Bunn be and is hereby
elected and appointed as the representative member
of this parish in the Council of the said Provisional
3rd. That this meeting hopes that one of the
first results in response to this present action of
the English people, will be, an amnesty to all
political prisoners now in confinement and that
peace and good feeling will be once more restored
throughout the whole settlement.
(Signed) John Kippling, Secretary
(Signed) John Pruden, Chairman
Thos [Thomas] Bunn Esq. [Esquire]
Sec. [Secretary], Provisional Govt [Government]
, Feb. [February] 23rd 1870 /

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