Titre: Minutes, Rockwood Agricultural Society, 7 December 1910
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3384, Rockwood Agricultural Society
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Miss Kennedy then spoke on the
necessity of acquiring a thorough
knowledge of values of articles used
in household work, viz [videlicet – namely] linen,
Silks, trimming etc.
Also that of cutting, fitting,
and making of garments,
as well at the making of hats
& bonnets, with the general
adorning & beautifying of the house
to make the same more pleasant and attractive.
All this and much
more being taught in the
household sciances [sciences] in the
College. Miss Kennedy also
gave some practical illustrations
in cutting & making.
At the close a very
hearty vote of thanks was tenders [tendered to] the Speakers
and a
Womans [Women’s] Institute was formed.

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