Titre: Treaty Number 1, 3 August 1871
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG1 A5, Indians Treaty No. 1
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same has finally been agreed upon
and concluded as follows, that is
to say:
The Chippewa and Swampy
Cree Tribes of Indians and all
other the Indians inhabiting the
district hereinafter described and
defined do hereby cede, release,
surrender and yield up to Her
Majesty the Queen and successors
forever all the lands included
within the following limits, that is
to say: Beginning at the
International Boundary line near
its junction with the Lake of the
Woods, at a point due north from
the centre of Roseau Lake; thence
to run due north to the centre of
Roseau Lake; thence Northward
to the centre of White Mouth Lake,
otherwise called White Mud Lake;
thence by the middle of the Lake
and the middle of the River

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