Titre: Minutes, Political Equality League, 27 June 1912, excerpt, not paginated
Auteur: Political Equality League
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P192, Political Equality League File 1, Minute Book March 29, 1912 to March 25, 1914.
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Rev. [Reverend] D. S. Hamilton spoke for the
Royal Templars.
The Royal Templars have placed
themselves on record as being in favor
of Woman's suffrage and have endorsed
the movement whenever brought up before
them. The Royal Templars have a Central
Organization in Winnipeg with local
Branches. Look with interest on the
movenment as it will assist materially in
the banishment of the bar.Temperance
movement. Women seemed very
interested in Municipal affairs & candidates
paid attention to the women's vote. Touching
on the law regarding property, Mr. Hamilton
remarked that it was a shame that
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a law, which allows a man to make a will
in such a way as to allow his property to pass
into outside hands & leave his wife penniless,
should exist. In closing Mr. Hamilton
stated that he thought the Political Equality
League had a great future in front of

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