Titre: Minutes, Presbyterian Synod of Manitoba and North West Ontario, 14 May 1889, in "Minutes and Reports of the Sixth Synod of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories of the Presbyterian Church in Canada held in Knox Church, Winnipeg on May 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th 1889." excerpt, p. 15
Source: Original is in United Church Archives, University of Winnipeg. Digitized excerpt is courtesy of the United Church Archives. Microfilm copy in Archives of Manitoba, M645, Presbyterian Church Archives
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Mr. Pringle submitted a resolution anent the Jesuit Estates Act, which
was adopted by the Synod, and reads as follows: -
That the Synod enters its emphatic protest against the Jesuit Estates
Act recently passed by the Legislature of Quebec and allowed by the Parlia-
met of Canada, because -
1. It recognizes as established in Canada an order which has always
been the enemy of civil and religious liberty and dangerous to the foundations
of public order.
2. It recognizes in the bestowal upon the Society of Jesus of a large sum
of money a principle which is not in harmony with the constitution of our
country, viz: - that of bestowing upon a religious body as such funds drawn
from the public treasury of the province and the diversion of them from the
purpose for which they were set apart in perpetuity.
3. In the initial proceedings, preceding the passage of the act, in the act
itself, and in the arrangements formally made in the act itself for the distribu-
tion of the money, there is recognized the right of the Pope to interfere in our
civil affairs in direct contravention of imperial statutes and in derogation of
the supremacy of the Queen.
Futhermore, the Synod recommends all ministers and missionaries within
the bounds to do all in their power to instruct and establish their people in
Protestant principles, and to warn them of the subserviency of politicians to
the Church of Rome as led by the Society of Jesus, a society which, in-
corpporated in Quebec, is steadily gaining place and influence in the provinces,
though it has been expelled from the lands which were its birth-place because
of the willingness it had ever shown to be the enemy of the country to serve
its own purposes.

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