Titre: The Manitoba School Question: To the Orangemen and Protestants of Canada
Auteur: Mulvey, Stewart, 1834-1908
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B21, Colin H. Campbell, Box 6, Manitoba School Question file
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to maintain the connection between the colonies of Birtish
America and the mother land, it must be apparent to any
statesman, British or Canadian, who will endeavor to check Man-
itoba by illegal interference, either in the management of its
schools or other internal affairs, by breaking the centre link
of the chain must naturally estrange us, if not endanger
confederation, and futhermore your Committee in response to the
Grand Master's address, recommend that a Committee be appointed
to carry out the suggestions thereing stated.

Report of the Committee appointed to prepare
questions to be presented to candidates seeking parliamentary
honors, either Local or Federal:
1st: What position, if elected, will you
take on the Manitoba School question?
2nd: Will you oppose any government who will
endeavor to force separate schools on this Province, or who will
in any way interfere with our national school system as it now
(sgd) [signed] J. M. Toombs, Frank Schultz
Stewart Mulvey, John Dilworth
Moved by W. Bro. J. M. Toombs, P.C.M. seconded by
R. W. Bro. F. Schultz G. T. and
Resolved: That all members of Primary Lodges
under the jurisdiction of this R.W.Grand Lodge be instructed by
the W. Masters of their respective lodges to submit to the
Candidates for both the federal and local parliaments, the
foregoing questions, and your Committee would recommend that no
member of the Orange Association vote for any candidate for
parliamentary honors, who will not give satisfactory answers
to the preceeding questions pledging himself to oppose any
interference with our national school system as it now stands.

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