Titre: Letter of 25 March 1919 from the Central Executive of the OBU to Labor Temple in Vancouver
Auteur: Pritchard, William A., b. 1889
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 A18, Winnipeg General Strike 1919 File 1
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(Note this letter head names the Central Executive and the
membership of the Provincial executive for the Western
210 Labor Temple.
Vancouver, B. C.
March 25, 1919
Bear Bro, -
The Central Executive beg to advise that up to date the
following can be recorded as achievement.
British Columbia: B. C. Fed. [Federation] of Labor sending its President,
J. Kavanaugh on the road for two weeks.
B. C. Fed. being used to give expression
to desire of Western conference.
Fernie Ledger giving good write up and editor-
Vancouver T. & L. C. endorsed report of delegates
to conference (Kavanaugh and Pritchard).
Alberta: Expect to have two men on road in short time.
Issuing One Big Union Bulletin in Edmonton and
arranging for broad cast distribution.
Distributing copies of B. C. Fed: Fernie Ledger
etc., in addition.
Manitoba: Report of delegates (W'peg [Winipeg] T. & L. C.) adopted
unan. [unanimously] Per capita tax of two cents also passed.
Good work being kept up in 'peg [Winnipeg].
General: Reports form Organizer Naylor, on way through
Crows Nest pass, good. McKenzie, of Loggers,
also doing fine.
We would urge all prov. [provincial] secs. [secretaries] to send in list of unions in each
province and also keep us well informed on developments. Leaflets
on Industrial Organisation and Six Hour day now on press. Money
needed for publicity in respect to same and refenda. Send all you
can obtain.
Central Excecutive Committee
Per W. A. Pritchard

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