Titre: Letter of 24 March 1919 from W. A. Pritchard to S. R. Keeling
Auteur: Pritchard, William A., b. 1889
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308 p.39
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March 24th. 1919.
Mr. S. R. Keeling,
Box 1682,
Dear Keeling:
I was just as sorry as you that we did not meet
on my as visit to the bald abd [bad] frozen prairie. However, it
cannot be helped and so we will let it go at that. Sure! it (the
Calgary Conference has caused the greatest stir amongst the workers
of anything ever pulled off. But, dear fellow, it has further
caused a hell of a stir amongst the bosses. See, today, Hungary
handed over in entirety to Bolshies to be summarily carved into
small pieces and cast broadside to the breezes of heaven. Gee!
this is a great day to be alive. Things moving good. News on
convention matters I have retailed to Berg and Mrs. So Low Whist.
No use boiling cabbages twice so please ask them for news.
If you fellows are interested in the formation of a real
ex-service men’s organisation, a working man’s soldier outfit,
get some _ returned man who is a live wire and posted on the
working class position (have you not one in your local?) to send
for particulars to Joe Mouncey, Sec. Soldiers and Sailors Labor
Club, Loggers Hall, Cordova St., Vancouver. There are great
possibilities along this line if you follow it up, so go to it,
and don’t let that master class outfit, the G. W. V. A., stop
your meetings or anything of that kind.
Sometime in the future I will let you
have more but for the time being, _ (1 word strike-out) let this suffice.
Bessie Johnson (Mrs. Day) sends regards.
Yours in the scrap.
W. A. Pritchard

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