Titre: Letter of 20 March 1919 from S. R. Keeling to W. A. Pritchard
Auteur: Keeling, S. R.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308
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March 24
Box 1682
Mch 20
Dear Comrade,
Sorry was not able to have a talk with
you this trip. I had intended going down to Calgary
but found I would be unable to do so. however
I heard all about it from the boys. The Western
Conference has without doubt been the most
momentous in the history of the labor movement
of Canada. in the first place it has caused the
greatest stir among the workers & are all now
hotly debating the pro’s & con’s of the One Big
Union & Craft Unionism, another thing which is sticking
in their craws is the sending of greetings to
Sparticans & Bolshevicks the most reactionary of
them are making the most of this.
The first thing this T & L council did was to repudiate
the action of the Conference. this was fought by our
boys & they tell me that the vote that was taken
was no vote at all as the time for adjournment

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