Titre: Third Class Diploma Margaret Arnett 16 April 1894
Auteur: Manitoba Department of Education Advisory Board
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P2990, MacLeod, Margaret Arnett, Miscellaneous
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Local Normal School

Third-Class Diploma

This Certifies
1. That Margaret Arnett attended
the fourth Session of the Local Normal School, com-
mencing January 2d 1894 and ending March 15th 1894.
2. That she received a satisfatory report on Conduct and
Practical Teaching from the Principal
3. That she passed the Professional Examination held at
the close of the Session.
4. That she having complied with all the required con-
ditions, is hereby granted a
Third=Class Normal School Diploma
Department of Education,
Winnipeg, April 16th 1894 Clifford Sifton
For the Department of Education

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