Titre: Minutes, Dominion Labor Party, 21 December 1918, excerpt, not paginated
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A14-2, Robert Boyd Russell # 5, Dominion Labor Party, Winnipeg District Minutes 1918-20 Financial
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Suggestions on Reconstruction Policy
1 Levy on Property
2 Vocational Training
3 Abolition of Conscription
4 Repealing of all orders in council
5 Release of all Political prisoners
6 Demobilization
7 Pensions and their equalization
8 Abolition of the senate
9 Housing of the people on Free Land.
10 Government ownership of all natural resources
11 Labor conference on peace terms
12 No economic war after the war
13 Free Trade.
14 Daylight Diplomacy
15 Disarmament
16 Self dertermination [determination] of nations
17 Withdrawal of all troops from Russia
18 No Annexations
19 No punitive indemnities
20 A united states of the world 21 Bank reform

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