Titre: Letter of 30 March 1896 from Clifford Sifton and J. D. Cameron to Arthur R. Dickey, Alphonse Desjardines, and Donald A. Smith
Auteur: Sifton, Clifford, Sir, 1861-1929
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B41, Clifford Sifton - Affidavits, etc. re: Manitoba School Question
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or any proposition based upon similar principles.
We are prepared, however, to make good the
promise to remedy any well-founded grievance, if such exixt,
and we therefore submit a plan of suggested modifications,
which we believe to be free from objections upon principle,
and which in our opinion will remove any such grievances
and at the same time in no way affect the efficiency of the
public school system, or deprive the Roman-Catholic Children
of the privilege of participation in the same educational
advantages enjoyed by the rest of the people.
Our proposition is in the form of an alter-
First: Should it be accepted as a satis-
factory measure of relief to the minority and as removing
their grievances, we hereby offer to completely secularize the
public school system, eliminating religious exercises and
teaching of every kind during the school hours. We desire it to
be understood in connection with this proposition that it is
made as a compromise offer, and not as embodying the policy
which the Government and Legislature of the Province are
themselves desirous of pursuing. We are willing, however,
to adopt such a measure in order to attain a settlement of
the dispute.
Second: In the alternative we offer to re-
peal the present provisions of the School Act relating to
religious excercises, and to enact in substance the following:-
"No religious exercises or teaching to take
"place in any public school, except as provided in the Act.
"Such exercises or teaching, when held, to be between half past
"three and four o'clock in the afternoon."
"If authorized by resolution of the trustees,

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