Titre: Draft of a speech on education and Canadianization 1896 by Colin H. Campbell
Auteur: Campbell, Colin H., 1859-1914
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B21, Colin H. Campbell – 1876-1914, Box 4 Speeches and Clippings
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the tricolor St. Jean Baptiste day, but these things do not
conduce to a Canadian nationality. We want more "Canadian days"
and more "Canadian nights" and more "Canadian processions," and
more "Canadian flags". It is the only way we can ever assimilate
the thousands that are swarming to our shores from other lands.
Let us make them loyal Canadians first, and then they shall be
Britons as well. Again, the present is pregnant with opportunities
in Christian work. If the church of Jesus Christ misses this
opportunity, the hands will be set back on the dial incalculably.
From all the countries of Europe emigrants flock our shore, from
northern Iceland to the balmy Isles of the Mediterranean, from far
off Russia to the sunny slopes of Spain. They come to us, some of
them sullen with poverty, some wild with fanaticism, bringing with
them their customs and habits often as alien to our own and to our
cherished ideals.
There is only one hope for those people, and that is the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let the church leave them alone, let
education be neglected, the result will be, small nationalities
growing up within our borders and lasting detriment to our country.
The only hope of safety for us as a nation lies in the Gospel. We
must educate and evangelize; only in this way can we assimilate the
incoming multitudes.
(Hand written) I propose to utilize the
Department of Education
for this purpose. Therefore
I declare to zealously
guard its &
to ask the people of Manitoba
to back us up in this

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