Titre: Official statement of the Citizens' Committee of One Thousand, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 A18, Winnipeg General Strike 1919, File 2
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The Citizens of Winnipeg, after having wrestled at close quarters for six weeks
with incipient Bolshevism, have determined not to let the danger to Canada, which they
have uncovered in this one city, go on unchecked elsewhere and have wisely and properly
taken steps to advise the people of Canada of the plot which endeavoured to exploit the
labor dispute as an excuse for revolution.
The Winnipeg Citizens Committee of One Thousand has issued an official statement,
giving their views of the strike and the attempt at Revolution which grew out of it, and
have published the statement over their signature generally thoughout Western Canada.
The Committee has also published to meet requests from many outside points, a
series of three pamphlets bearing on the different phases of the industrial unrest and
the Bolshevistic movement which was uncovered when the labor agitators endeavoured to
put Winnipeg under their rule, governing the city by a series of permits and ukases [usages]
issued "By Authority of the Strike Committee". The pamphlets which are just off the
press should be in the hand of every thinking citizen of Western Canada and should be
carefully and seriously perused and studied. One of the three booklets is quite an
elaborate publication, giving details of the organization and work of the Citizens
Committee in maintaining the public utilities of Winnipeg during the strike, "that
sister cities and the rest of the Dominion, threatened with the same or similar danger
from so-called Soviet Governement, Bosheviki and I. W. W. movements masquerading under
the guise of labour, should know of the means and steps taken by the loyal citizens of
Winnipeg to maintain in some degree the operation of the utilities of the city and the
preservatoin of land and order therein." This booklet is in itself the unvarnished
record of a remarkable display of civic spirit and self-sacrifice, outling [outlining] as it does
the work performed by a group which at one time reached over 10,000 citizens who
deserted their homes and business houses for periods of from several days to as many
and humble tasks incident to maintaining the public utilities and public safety organ-
izations of the City. In the preamble to its well-written body occurs this significant
"If any good to the people is to come out of this whole miserable business, in
which lives have been lost, the production and commerce of Canada disrupted, and that
of the city almost totally stopped for a long period, in which thirty thousand people -
about one-eighth of the total population of Winnipeg - were self deprived of their
means of livelihood; it seem essential that the lessons of the strike must be speedily
transmitted to all sections of the Country."
Another pamplet already issued by the Committee includes a re-print of an ad-
dress delivered by a prominent member of the Committee to a deputation of the Citizens from
Moose Jaw. The speech contains, beside a general outline of the stike situation
and the causes leading up to it, and a particulary clear and able enunciation of the
principles of Collective Bargaining as they are generally understood. The recognition
of Collective Bargaining it will be remembered was the labor issue upon which the
strike was declared. The third pamphlet is simply a re-print of the official defini-
tion of Collective Bargaining as determined by a series of conferences and outlined by
the Metal Trades employers, the heads of International bodies of the Railway Running
Trades who have long opereate under these principles, and the head of the Railway
Companies themselves. The official definition was the basis of negotiation upon which
the original dispute which invoked the strike was finally determined.
The Citizens Committee of Winnipeg has taken steps to form itself into a perman-
ent organization for the purpose of arousing Dominion-wide interest in the necessity
of upholding proper respect for the law and to combat the Bolshevistic propaganda
which is being so industriously sown in Western Canada.
These pamphlets and others to be issued by the Winnipeg Citizens Committee should
receive wide distribution. The Committee's booklet, "The object and accomplishments of
the Committee of One Thousand, Winnipeg" is issued at a price of 25¢ per copy to cover
the cost of printing and will be sent to any address upon receipt of price. The other
pamphlets are for free distribution and will be forwarded to anyone upon application.
Application should be addressed to "The Citizens Committee of One Thousand, Winnipeg."

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