Titre: "Claim Police Under Orders of Strikers" in The Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike May–June 1919 (variant title History of the Winnipeg Strike), p. 47
Auteur: Workers' Defence Committee (Winnipeg, Man.)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A14-2, Robert Boyd Russell 61, The Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike May–June 1919
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Claim Police Under Orders of Strikers
The Police voted 149 to 11 for strike.
Before the strike began, violence and mob rule were hint-
at quite openly in quarters opposed to Labor. Letters
appeared in the daily press stating that disorders would
occur in the event of a general strike being called.
Desiring to remove all foundation for the expressed fears
of lawlessness and rioting, the strike committee, as its first
official act, requested the Police to remain on duty.
This the Police agreed to do, but gave the committee dis-
tinctly to understand that they would do one thing or
the other. If they stayed on the job they would carry out
their duties and would “break the heads” of the strikers if
they were so ordered by the chief if disorders occurred.
The committee replied that it was in order to prevent
disorder that they requested the Police not to act on their
strike ballot, but to remain on duty so that the city would
not be placed under Martial Law.

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