Titre: Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike May–June 1919 (variant title History of the Winnipeg Strike), excerpt, p.4-5
Auteur: Workers' Defence Committee (Winnipeg, Man.)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A14-2, Robert Boyd Russell 61, Winnipeg General Sympathetic Strike May–June 1919
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ment, and amended within the short space of time of twenty
minutes. It was next rushed through the Senate, then to
the Governor-General for signature. From first to last the
time taken for the whole process was less than 45 minutes.
There is not a parrallel for this stampede legislation in the
whole British history.
Shortly after this amendment was passed the accused
were arrested, rushed to the penitentiary, and, on the third
day, brought before the Board of Enquiry, so that they
might have a secret hearing and then be deported. That
this plan was not carried out was due, we believe, wholly
to the storm of prostest raised in all parts of Canada against
the outrage.
The fact that they were unable under the re-amended
Immigration Act, at that time, to accomplish their designs,
halted them for the moment, but it aslo accentuated their
determination to crush the whole progressive working class

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