Titre: "Flocking to Rome" in Winnipeg Telegraph 12 September 1896
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P5316, Manitoba Schools Question 1896 – 1906, Newspaper clippings p.6
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All the bishops of this Province are
leaving or have left for Rome, where
they have been already preceded by
Archbishop Langevin of Manitoba.
Our own Archbishop has just taken his
departure and, though it has been given
out that he is merely going by invita-
tion to assist at the celebration of a
great historic religious event in France,
everyone knows that that is not the
principal object of his present trans-
atlantic trip and that he, too will visit
the Eternal City before his return.
Naturally, people are conjecturing and
enquiring as to the meaning of this
episcopal rendezvous there at a time
when no great question of universal
interest appears to be agitating the
Catholic world. Of course, all sorts
of rumors are floating about on the
subject, but the consensus of opinion
seems-and we believe rightly so-to
lean to the conclusion that the Mani-
toba school question is at the bottom
of the gathering. The question, how-
ever, is -in what way is it so? Some
will have it that the bishops desire to
warn the Pope in a body to be on his
guard against Mr. Laurier's proposed
settlement of the difficulty, if not to
prejudice or influence him against
it. Others again are maintaining
that Leo XIII has summoned the
French Canadian prelates before him
in order to compel them to
accept that settlement and to trace out,
for some of them at all events, a dif-
ferent line of conduct in regard to the
party politics of this country and above
all relative to politico-religious ques-
tions. Still others contend that Arch-
bishop Langevin, of St. Boniface, is will-
ing enough to accept almost any com-
promise of the trouble with the Greenway
Government, but that he is prevented
from doing so by the opposition of
some of his colleagues from
this province, who want the
whole thing or nothing and who
are determined coute que coute "to make
a spoon or spoil a horn" and that,
before making a definite pronouncement
on the subject, His Holiness has found
it necessary to call all the bishops be-
fore him to get their views either as a
body or individually. Lastly, it is said
that the bishops are going to Rome to
meet there an embassy from Mr.
Laurier, so that the question may be
argued pro and con before the Holy
Father, in order to enable him to come
to a proper decision that will secure a
final and satisfactory solution of the
whole difficulty. But, on the other
hand, we have the statement of the
Ministerial press that it is not
Mr. Laurier's intention to send a dele-
gate to Rome to plead his cause. Still,
it is no secret that he has powerful
friends already here, who may serve
the purpose just as well. As will be
seen, therefore, it is not easy to decide
just what is up; but we think it is
pretty certain that the business on
hand, which is bringing our bishops to
Rome, is the Manitoba school question
and that matters is [in] regard to it are
rapidly coming to a climax.

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