Titre: Canada and Her Soldiers, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4453A, South Dakota Historical Society File 2
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bring about the best results in the several com-
munities and the country as a whole.
The Government is keenly alive to the necessity for
meeting the natural desire of the soldiers to be re-
turned to Canada at the earliest possible date. Plans
to this end are now completed, and announcement of
them will be issued through the usual military
Canada recognizes that it owes a debt of gratitude
to its soldiers. That but strengthens its resolution to
do all it can to discharge that debt, and to do it
intelligently, generously, and with unquenchable
good-will. The best that can be done for any
returning soldier is to provide for him such assistance,
conditions, and opportunities as will enable him to be
a self-respecting, earning, and contributing fellow
citizen. He must win the fruits of peace, by personal
effort at its best, just as he helped to win the war.
This pamphlet contains a brief statement of the
preparations and provisions which have been made
and are being made by the several departments of
the Government, and other bodies, to assist the
soldiers to find places in civil occupations, in order
that they may as quickly as possible become influen-
tial, prosperous and satisfied members of the com-
munities where they live. Some parts of the
pamphlet are written as impersonal statements of
facts; and other parts of it in a more intimate and
brotherly form of communication.

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