Titre: Canada and Her Soldiers, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4453A, South Dakota Historical Society File 2
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The Government of Canada is earnestly desirous
that the demobilization of the Canadian armed forces
shall take place as early and as quickly as the limiting
conditions will permit.
The first limiting condition to be mentioned is the
fact that the Allied nations and the United States are
still in a state of war with the enemy countries.
Although an armistice has been arranged, and it is
not expected that fighting will be resumed, that does
not in itself terminate the war; and until peace has
been concluded the armies must be kept strong enough
to deal with any possible situation. Otherwise we
might lose the full fruits of victory.
The second limiting condition to be mentioned is
the availability of shipping—millions of tons have
been sunk by submarines—and the capacity of the
Canadian Railways from the winter ports of Canada.
That has been estimated for the present at 5,000
persons per week.
The Government is also earnestly desirous that the
armed forces of Canada shall pass from a war to a
peace footing in such a way that the return of the
soldiers to civil occupations may be accomplished in
a manner which will give the largest measure of satis-
faction to individual soldiers, and at the same time

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