Titre: "Plumbers and Gasfitters, No 62" in 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, p.55
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council 1, 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, 1907, p.55
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The Plumbers Union has put in a strenuous year
of it. Following the strike of last year, which termi-
nated in the general Building Trades strike, the
master plumbers adopted the policy of importing
journeymen direct, and also of advertising generally
in the Old Country papers in order to induce men to
come to this point. The result has been a large influx
of plumbers. The local union has been taking in all
the competent men who offered, and has received in
all eighty new members. There have, however, been
many other illegible or unfit for membership left
practically stranded in the city, and with work a little
less plentiful than heretofore, it has been hard picking
for the journeyman plumber. The union has also
been engaged with the master plumbers in the law
courts the whole of the year. The latest phase of the
case was the arrest of Geo. Litster, the secretary of
the union, for failing to produce the union books in
court. The case may become an important one for
organized labor generally.
The officers now in charge of the union affairs
are: President, Guy English; Vice-President, T.
Simmons: Recording Secretary, Geo. Litster; Finan-
cial Secretary and Business Agent, John Wooding.
Geo. Litster
Recording Secretary Plumbers and
Gasfitters, No. 62
G. English
President, Plumbers and Gasfitters
No. 62

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