Titre: "Western Union May Strike June 1 for a six hour day, five-day week" (from OBU newspaper clipping, p. 35)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308, Newspaper clipping, p. 35
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Western Labor Union May
Strike June First For a Six
Hour Day, Five-Day Week
Friendly Greetings to Bolsheviks in Russia and Spartacans
in Germany Sent by Convention at Calgary—Release
of All Political Prisoners Demanded
CALGARY, March 14—The western
labor conference immediately upon
meeting today took up the report of
the committee on policy brought in by
Delegate Johns, Winnipeg.
The committee suggested that the
name of the organization be the one
big union, that a central committee of
five be elected from this conference
without regard to geographical districts,
that the delegates by provinces elect five
of themselves to work in each province
to assist, that the central committee
draw up the draft for the referendum
vote and count and declare the vote,
that the work be done through the local
trades and labor councils and district
boards, that no definite plan be drawn
up until the result of the referendum is
known, and a conference be called by
the central committee of representatives
of trades councils and district boards
basis, under 5,000 members one member
from 5,000 to 10,000 2 members, over
10,000 3 members; that an appeal be
made for an assessment of two cents
per member from all delegates to trades
and labor councils and district boards.
On the report of the committee being
taken up clause by clause, A. Farmilo
(Edmonton) immediately objected to
the adoption of any name before actual
conditions had proved that the proper
occasion had arrived for a change.
J. J. McCormack (Edmonton) second-
ed his amendment to delete the first
clause. The amendment was, however
lost by a huge majority.
Little objection was made to the
other clauses until the clause asking
for the two cent assessment. It was
pointed out that all the various trades
and labor councils of Canada would have
to vote on the proposition.
J. R. Knight, Edmonton, in the de-
bate on the two cent assessment, point-
ed out that trades unionists who voted
to support this new movement need not
bother to pay any more monthly dues
to their internationals. Amendments to
raise this assessment were defeated.
The resolutions committee brought in
a resolution to secure free speech, press
and assembly and release of all political
prisoners, and to take a referendum vote
for a general strike unless all prisoners
are released before June 1.
The same date was fixed for a general
strike to secure a six-hour day and five-
day week without demanding more
money per hour in pay. A telegram was
sent to the Ottawa government along
these lines.
Fraternal greetings were sent to the
Bolsheviks in Russia and Spartacans in

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