Titre: "Action of Calgary Convention is Repudiated" in Bulletin, 1919, (from OBU newspaper clipping p. 34)
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 A3, One Big Union, M308
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Action of Calgary Convention
Is Repudiated by Trades and
Labor Council by Big Majority
After Stormy Session Local Body Declares Empathically Against
Secession Movement--Extreme Socialist Delegates Plead in
Vain for Support--Conservative Cousels Prevail
After a stormy meeting Monday night the Edmonton Trades
and Labor Council by a large majority, voted to repudiate the
action of the recent labor convention in Calgary in seceding from the
international unions.
The storm broke when Secretary
Farmilo read his report as a delegate
to the Western Canada convention.
In the report Mr. Farmilo maintained
that the conditions did not truly rep-
resent organized labor in Western
Canada. It was moved by delegate
Heron and seconded by Delegate
Neale of the Printing Pressmen that
the report be accepted and the ac-
tion of the convention be repudiated
by the Trades and Labor Council of
Delegate Joe Knight made a long
speech in which he defended the ac-
tion of the convention, appealed to the
delegates to support the new organiza-
tion and to throw off the yoke of the
international unions. He asserted
that the convention was bona fide and
Not Representative
Delegate Roper claimed that the
convention was not representative.
The reason for this was that those
who convened the gathering had stat-
ed that the conference was called to
get the expression of organized labor
in Western Canada on reconstruc-
tion problems.
It was definitely stated by the con-
veners, said Mr. Roper, that the con-
vention would not be a secession
movement. Had the unions known
that on the first day of the conven-
tion a resolution would be presented
and passed declaring for secession
from all international unions, a dif-
ferent class of delegates would have
been in control.
Delegate Carl Berg supported the
new organization and made a number
of statements regarding the railway
machinists being in favor of the move.
Delegate Findlay refuted the state-
ments regarding the machinists and
declared that the shop workers in
Canada had solidly voted to stay with
their international union.
Uttered Warning
Delegate Farmilo made a ringing
speech in which he gave the history
of industrial unionism in the United
States. He uttered a warning to the
delegates to weigh carefully the ques-
tion in point and take care that in going
into something new that they
do not lose what they already possess.
Mrs. Knight supported the new
move and appealed to the delegates
"to cast the milllstone of international
unionism from their necks."
President McCreath spoke against
the action of the Calgary convention
and asked for clear thinking on the
After a mixup in connection with
the vote the question was put and car-
ried by a large majority. There was
a dispute regarding as to whether
the part of the motion regarding re-
pudiation should have been permitted
by the chair but in the meantime the
president had accepted a motion to
adjourn which was carried and the
delegates were divided at the close
as to how the question stood.
A resolution was presented from
Civic Service Union No. 52 protesting
against resolutions favoring Bolshe-
vism but will not come before the
council until next meeting.
Vice President Perkins presided.

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