Titre: 'From"Woman's Work after the War"' in IODE Bulletin No. 1, November 1918, excerpt
Auteur: Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4333, IODE File 4, IODE Bulletins (Provincial Chapter) 1918-1926
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Whether for good or ill, politics have been thrust
upon the Canadian woman of to-day. For years
they have been creeping stealthily into the most
sheltered and secluded homes via the water taps
and the garbage can, but they burst upon us with
most compelling forces when our country said: "We
want your husband!" "We want your son!" And
the women who had never before thought beyound
their own four walls followed their loved ones to
that region of nightmare and horror, "somewhere
in France," somewhere in the Darndanelles," on
the map of Europe pinned on the wall. And they
learned the map of Europe, with the movement of
the Allied armies described in the daily papers,
which, for the first time they have read, and thus
they have learned the difference between autocratic
and autonomous government; they have even been
able to grasp almost as hazy a conception of the
Monroe Doctrine as nearly every man had before
the war. They have, in a word, awakened to the
fact that politics is not the enigmatical something
which it was derogatory to the character and stand-
ing of women to know about, but the organized
business of the country, just as municipal politics
is the organized house-keeping of the city.

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