Titre: "Tarte on Schools" in Calgary Herald, 18 November 1896
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P5316, Manitoba Schools Question 1896 – 1906, Newspaper clippings p. 79
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The Hon. [Honorable] Mr. Tarte has written
a letter to Le Cultivateur about
his trip to the North West, in
which he states that it was with profound
sorrow he saw with his
own eyes that the French com-
munity of Manitoba was losing
strength every day. "The strug-
gle of recent years," says Mr.
Tarte, "have weakened and deci-
mated them and they show
signs of discouragement." Accord-
ing to Mr. Tarte, fifty-one Catholic
school are now closed, and of the
thirty separate schools in opera-
tion one half at least are in a state
of inferiority. Continuing, he
says: "It is necessary to be her
to understand all the significance
and all the perila. Our fellow-
countrymen of English origin
have magnificent schools, and a
complete system of instruction.
They consequently prepare their
children fo rthe struggle of life
and mould them for the conquest
of fortune, progress, influence,
political, social, commercial and
industrial preponderance and dur-
ing this time half of our French
Canadian children grow upo with-
out knowning how to read or write.
Many injurious things have been
written about since my depart-
ure from Ottawa. Well, if my
voyage here was for the result of
the opening only ten schools I
shall already have accomplished
a great national work. I am con-
fident that in the near future our
Catholic and French populaton
will walk side by side with the
other nationalities in the path of
instruction and intellectual pro-
gress and that the fifty school
houses today closed will receive
under their roofs hundreds of
children who now stagnate in
It is suggested by this and other
recent utterances that Mr. Tarte,
whether from considerations of
policy or principle, has become a
convert to national as opposed to
separate schools, and his object
now is to bring his Quebec com-
patriots around to the same views.
He has undertaken a noble but
giganic [gigantic] task.

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