Titre: Resolutions passed, Citizens' Committee of One Thousand, 1919, excerpt
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 B25, Citizens’ Committee of One Thousand, Pamphlet: "The Activities and Organization. . . May-June 1919"
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The following are the resolutions passed respecting the loyalty of the
leaders of the strike.
"Whereas it has become apparent to the citizens of Winnipeg, because
of the prominence in the recent street demonstration of large numbers
of aliens, that the alien problem must be dealt with immediately.
"And whereas citizens wearing the Union Jack have been publicly insulted
be alien enemies who have dared to tear the flag from their breast.
"And whereas this stike, involing 30,000 workers as shown by published
reports of the Strike Committee, to have been called on the authority
of only 8000 affirmative votes.
"And whereas according to the records of Alien Enemy Registration
Board there are about 27,000 registered alien enemies in the Winnipeg
"Therefore be it resolved that the Trades and Labor Council be called
upon to immediately exhibit its records to a Board of Enquiry com-
posed of representatives appointed by the Great War Veterans, the
Imperial Veterans and the Army and Navy Veterans with authority
to report its findings and recommendations so that the public may be
1. "How many aliens and how many registered alien enemies are on the
membership rolls of the Unions on strike.
2. "The exact number of alien enemies and aliens in each Union that voted
for the general strike.
3. "The exact number of votes for and against the general strike cast by
each Union.
4."Why these total votes were pooled and a clear majority decided as
sufficient to call a general strike."
"Whereas thousands of our returned boys are now in our midst and
within a few weeks all of those remaining overseas will be home again.

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