Titre: "Boilermakers and Printing Trades" in 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, p. 57
Source: Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council 1, 1907 Labour Day Souvenir Program, p. 57
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The Boilermakers have now three unions in the
Winnipeg district. No. 126, which is largely com-
prised in the C. P. R. employ; Boilermakers Helpers,
No. 127, which is now a large union; and Fort Garry
Lodge, No. 451, of the C. N. R. service. The oldest of
these, No. 126, was established in the 90’s. It now
has a business agent to look after its interests.
The following are the chief officers of the lodges:
No. 126, President, J. Hawthorn; Vice-President,
Wm. Morris; Treasurer, B. Armshaw; Financial
Secretary, W. McFarland; Recording Secretary, Geo.
F. Chadburn; Business Agent, Wm. Henery.
No. 127, President, Albert Hilton; Vice-President,
Thos. Gray; Financial and Corresponding Secretary,
James Tweedie; Treasurer, Joseph Day; Recording
Secretary, Alex. Brown; Business Agent, James
No. 451, President, G. R. Brown; Vice-President,
R. Milligan; Recording Secretary, B. Hazzelton;
Corresponding Secretary, Robt. Heggie; Financial
Secretary, F. Noseworthy; Treasurer, Jas. McColl.
Typographical Union, No. 191, has celebrated its
twenty-fifth anniversary during the year. During all
its history it has ever had members who were promi-
nent in the general labor movement of the city. This
year the Trades Council has Secretary McKim, of 191,
for its president, he having received a tremendous
majority at the hands of the unionists of the city.
Mr. McKim was also chosen by the Labor party for
its candidate in the West Winnipeg constituency in
the late provincial general elections. The union is
now practically finished with the eight hour day fight.
All its members are on the eight hour basis, and it
has as large a membership as it ever had. Some of
the printing offices in the city are in the non-union
list and are working longer hours, but the shorter
hours having now been permanently adopted in the
trade it is very unlikely that any number of good
craftsmen will long sustain the vagaries of the open
shop and an extra hour’s work per day. During the
contest the union kept its president and secretary
constantly on the job, and the secretary still devotes
his whole time to the service of the union.
The officers: President, W. H. Youhill; Vice-
President, J. A. Burnes; Secretary-Treasurer, Kempton
McKim, Box 770; Recording and Corresponding Secre-
tary, J. O. Nix; Sergeant-at-Arms, Geo. Mitchell.

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