Titre: Robert Maxwell Dennistoun diary entry dated 7 May 1919, excerpt
Auteur: Dennistoun, Robert Maxwell, 1864-1952
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B24, Robert Maxwell Dennistoun Family Box 1
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Bolchivism and
Condition in Western Can. [Canada]
are disturbing.
The Printers Union are
demanding all that the
Free Press can earn saying
they will own the paper
and will allow nothing
for capital. The Wpg. [Winnipeg] St [Street]
Ry. [Railway] Employees are saying
the same thing and
putting another strike forward
contrary to agreement.
A labor Candidate in
Caglary has announced
he is out against the
policies of the late Mr.
Jesus Christ. Karl Marcx
is now the prophet who
speaks wisdom.
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Good steady workmen
say that rank revolution
is being talked openly at
their meeting. Many
diapprove but dare not
say so.

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