Titre: Robert Maxwell Dennistoun diary entry dated 18 December 1918
Auteur: Dennistoun, Robert Maxwell, 1864-1952
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 B24, Robert Maxwell Dennistoun Family Box 1
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The “Flu”
Wed. 18 Dec. 18-
The children arrived yesterday
from St Margaret’s School,
Waldingham. They have a
month. We are at Craven Hill
Hotel 22 Lewis/in Gardens,
Lane as/in Gate.
6 million people have died
during the last 12 weeks
of influenza and pneumonia
throughout. The world.
20 millions have perished in
the 4 ½ years by reason of the
This plague has been much
more deadly than the war.
Never since the Black Death
has such a plague swept
over the world (Times).
3 million deaths in India
In Canada 108 doctors died
Ontario has 5000 dead.
It began in Spain in the

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