Titre: Mary Louise Pickering Thomson diary entry dated 11 June 1919
Auteur: Pickering-Thomson, Mary Louise, 1879-1967
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P6645/6, Item 18
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June 11. Wed [Wednesday] – Cool & windy. Papa took girls over to help
with the dinner & brot [brought] boys home for dinner. We
hurried up & Mr. Zintor brot [brought] Johnnie to stay a week.
Letter & cards from Robt. [Robert] Up to May 25: he is on
draft for Canada, expects to be home after June 15th,
so that is grand news. We took Johnnie & the 3 boys
& drove over, saw plowing. Met Threadhill’s & drove around
got Walt & Artie away home with Threadhills & we brot [brought] Johnnie
& Fred home for tea & did up chores, then Papa & I went
back to hear results & get girls. Geo. [George] McV. – 1st in his class
& _ Beam in his, Geo. [George] _ 2nd & Moffit 4th. Rainy
in eve. [evening] so not very pleasant standing around.

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