Titre: Mary Louise Pickering Thomson diary entry dated 31 December 1918
Auteur: Pickering-Thomson, Mary Louise, 1879-1967
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P6645/6, Item 17
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Dec [December] 31. Tues [Tuesday] – The last of the year. We baked bread
had 12 loaves, looks good, & did washing. Papa at
Moffits killing pigs in morning & to town after
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dinner with him. He has bot. [bought] the Charllin
wood lot for $500 & was seeing about it. Johnnie
Zintor was down in the afternoon to play with boys.
Mr. Zintor in for Mrs. Freeman to-day [today].
This has been a strange year, in which we
have had a good deal of sickness & trouble
but the neighbors have been very kind, es-
pecially Stanger’s, Moffit’s & Morrison’s, and
now the prospects are good for Robert’s speedy
return home, which will be fine for all of us.
Jennie is writing him letter 73 to-night [tonight].
This has been a cold, frosty day, 30º below
in morning, but very bright & clear. We have
got our new sewing very well along, but have
considerable mending & some quilts to do.
We have much to be thankful for, and
should value our blessings more highly &
try to be more thoughtful and agreeable.
We have books & papers to read & the girls
have plenty of crochet & fancy work. Let us
hope it will be a happy & prosperous year &
that we may be kind & true & do what is right.
Clothing expenses for 1918 $230--
My gifts from family
Robert – Tan embroidered cushion cover.
Jennie & Edna – linen & crochet tray cloth.
Walter – Japanese pepper & salt shakers.
Fred – 2 doz. [dozen] paper napkins & lemon squeezer
Artie – Butter Plate & scribbler

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