Titre: Jack T. Fisher daily journal training notes dated 7 June 1917
Auteur: Fisher, John Thompson, 1890-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4216, Blanche Miller 3, Fisher, John T. (Jack) Lt. 1917 –Lecture Notes, Certificates re: gas
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While in the text-books concealment
has been given great stress, to-day it
is not accorded so important a place.
However, for support and reserve line
trenches concealment is still an
important item, for despite aerial
photography, unless the artillery of
the enemy can actually see your
trench they are unable to register
upon it with accuracy.
The Six Uses of the Entrenching
1. To improve existing or natural
2. To clear away obstructions to a
good field of fire.
3. To dig Scratch Cover
4. To dig Rifle Pits
5. To make loop-holes in
6. To carry on the excavation of

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