Titre: Jack T. Fisher daily journal training notes dated 7 June 1917
Auteur: Fisher, John Thompson, 1890-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4216, Blanche Miller 3, Fisher, John T. (Jack) Lt. 1917 –Lecture Notes, Certificates re: gas
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French Attack, June 7/17
Capt. Patton.
Always remember definite limits
and definite objective.
Reorganization of the Platoon
since the Battle of the Somme to a
distinct fighting unit.
Divided into 4 sections.
1. Riflemen
2. Bombers
3.Luvis Guns
4. Rifle Grenadiers or Bombers
Final Training
When training for an
attack reonnoitre ground, over which
you must go, personnally taking your
Platoon Sergeant with you. This is
done by personal reconnaissance
at night and visuallizing by day.
Note all ground features
and compare with photographic

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