Titre: John Evans Adamson diary entry dated 10 March 1899
Auteur: Adamson, John Evans, 1884-1961
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P5790 F.8, John Evans Adamson
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MARCH FRIDAY 10 (69-296) 1899
This morning it was much
colder and a strong North wind.
In the morning we all went
to school, but in the afternoon
I did not feel well & did not
go. Aunt Lil can not come over
on account of the hooping [whooping] co-
ugh, but she sent us over a
good bag of candies.
After supper Bob & Alan went
to choir practise. Mr. & Mrs. Leary
came over here & I went over thare [there]
After a while G. L. & T. came over
here. Lil went to a carnival.

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