Titre: John Evans Adamson diary entry dated 14 January 1899
Auteur: Adamson, John Evans, 1884-1961
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P5790 F.8, John Evans Adamson
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SATURDAY 14 (14-351)
Today being Saturday we did
not go to school in the morning
B. & I sawed some wood & then we
went down to skate, it was such
a nice day & such good skating
we stayed down nearly all day.
When I came home Mrs. M. Do-
nald was here. Irene Kisbey is
the only one sick in bed now.
Aunt Lil is over this after noon
looking after things. I answer-
ed a letter to C. Stoke. Gordon Pater-
son was over tonight for supper af-
ter supper we went over to the In-
stute [Institute], B & I were skating and G.
was sliding.

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