Titre: John Evans Adamson diary entry dated 11 January 1899
Auteur: Adamson, John Evans, 1884-1961
Source: Archives of Manitoba P5790 F.8 John Evans Adamson
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JANUARY WEDNESDAY 11 (11-354) 1899
Today it was worm [warm] and not
freezing, thare [there] is a pretty strong
South East wind. There is an ecl-
ipse of the sun today invisible.
Both Lil, Pa & A. are not well today
they have the lagrip [la grippe – influenza], Lil & A. has
been in bed all day. I went ar-
ound with Norman McCall to
deliver the papers tonight to lea-
rn the rout [route] & could not go to
the All Saints hockey club pra-
ctise. We got two tons of coal tonight.
Buster and I went over to the Inst. [Institute] with
Mother to see how Aunt Lil was.

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