Titre: "The Soldier's Ten Commandments" 1916
Auteur: Colebourn, Harry D., 1887-1947
Source: Archives of Manitoba, M621, Harry Colebourn
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The Soldier’s Ten Commandments.
(1) When on guard thou shalt challenge
all parties approaching thee.
(2) Thou shalt not send any engraving nor
any likeness of any airship in heaven above,
nor any postcard of the earth beneath,
nor of any submarine in the sea, for I, the
Censor am a jealous Censor, visiting inequities
of the offenders with three months C.B.
but showing mercy unto thousands by
letters; the letters go first of those who
obey my commandments.
(3) Thou shalt not use profuse [profane] language
unless, under extraordinary circumstances,
such as seeing thy mate , or getting
petrol in thy tea.
(4) Remember the Soldier’s week consists of
seven days. Six days shalt thou labour
and on the seventh day thou shalt do
all odd jobs.
(5) Honour thy King & country, keep thy
rifle clean, and shoot straight that
thy days may be long in the land
the army giveth thee.
(6) Thou shalt not steel [steal] thy comrade’s
(7) Thou shalt not kill time.

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