Titre: Edmund A. Struthers diary entry dated 25 December 1905
Auteur: Struthers, Edmund A., d. 1905
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517, Edmund A. Struthers Fond, 1905 daily journal
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Children awake and up about 8 o’c [o'clock]. The presents which
were numerous were given out at nine o’c [o'clock].
Dear little Miriam was very much excited
over her share of the spoil
Took service at the Home and had an ex-
cellent parade. Lads had their dinner at one o’c [o'clock].
Took a jolly party to Millwood
in the big sleigh drove as far as the mill
Had Mr. Watt up to dine with with
us and had very pleasant evening
Weather wonderfully mild

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