Titre: Edmund A. Struthers diary entry dated 11 May 1905
Auteur: Struthers, Edmund A., d. 1905
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517, Edmund A. Struthers Fond, 1905 daily journal
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THURSDAY, 11 (131—234)
Weather improving and grass becoming much
greener. Busy day in the office settling dif-
faculties with bush gang who are getting weary of
their work. Dispatched Holmgreen, Naton,
Carpenter & Rowles.
Mr. Thompson busy bringing books up
to May 1.
Settled with Mrs. Neville for services up
to departure. Lambs enjoying the change of
weather and looking fine. Lads began harrow-
ing the garden N. [North] of Home. Robert took Herbert
Weatherhead to station enroute to train and
situation at Rokeby. Henry Thompson returned
tonight with mail conveyance and Henry Stephenson
arrived 9 ok

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