Titre: Letter of 16 February 1901 from William C. Van Horne to George Bryce
Auteur: Van Horne, William C.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14C15, Rev. George Bryce, 1874-1922, Letter 102
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E; on train, Chicago, Ill. [Illinois]
16th February, 1901.

My dear Sir –

When you letter of the 15th January reached me we had just
heard of some extraordinary negotiations which were going on between
the Government of Manitoba and the Northern Pacific Ry. [Railway] Co., and others,
ad which indicated a hostile disposition on the part of the Province
towards this Company almost beyond belief. I delayed answer to your
letter until I should know how much truth there was in these reports,
and I found in the newspapers yesterday confirmation of the worst that
we had heard. I think there is a limit to the number of times even
the most devout Christian can be expected to offer the other cheek,
and I trust that you will pardon me when I say that I do not feel inclined,
as matters stand, to contribute anything to any public object in Mani-
Yours truly,
W. C. Van Horne
Prof. George Bryce,
Chairman of Faculty of Science,
University of Manitoba,
Kilmadock, Winnipeg, Man.

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