Titre: Letter of 4 October 1881 from William Lothian to Peter Lothian
Auteur: Lothian, William, d. 1930
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 B3, William Lothian
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H. B. Co. [Hudson Bay Company] Post
Riding Mountain
Oct. 4th 1881
My Dear Brother Peter
I think the last letter
we had from home was from you though of this
I am not positively certain, as I have been receiv-
ing quite a few letters of late all of which I took
over to Pipestone with me. Anyway this will be a
descriptive letter & will most likely be read not
only by yourself but outside of our family circle
so that I will not write it as particularly in re-
ply to your last welcome epistle. Well without
further preliminaries, I will just begin at once
My Visit to Pipstone [Pipestone] River Settlement.
When I engaged with Mr. Armit in June I
told him I would be able to stay till the
middle of September when I would like to
go over to see my brother & make arrangements
for the coming winter. The time slipt [slipped] by
cheerily enough, bathing in the evenings &
reading the many Old Country papers which
have been regularly sent John being one of the
most regular contributors, sending the Glas-
gow Herald with a story in it by Geo [George] Mc-
Donald. I reminded Mr. Armit in the begin-
ning of September but he was a little reluctant
to let me go as we were short of hands. However
though a little behind in getting away it did not matter a great deal. At last it was fixed I should get off a Monday the 26 of the month. Circumstan-
ces were in my favour. The saw got a bit out of
order & had to be stopped for a day or two. This
was on Tuesday the 20th so my Boss comes & says
to me. Lothian as the saw has got to be overhauled

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