Titre: Letter of 4 October 1881 from William Lothian to Peter Lothian
Auteur: Lothian, William, d. 1930
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 B3, William Lothian
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to learn what the owner of it is you would see if he
was alive a man bent & feeble with premature age
upon him, unfit to enjoy the results of his hard toil.
I have seen those men, & have heard their sons time &
again tell me now that they would not stay in Ontario
& work as their Fathers had done. But I must pass on.
At 10.30 the Brandon Hills loomed up in the distance
& an hour later the valley of the Assinnoboine [Assiniboine] came
in sight, the infant town of Brandon showing to ad-
vantage on the southern bank. I had posted my letters
to Grand Valley & so went down there to see if Jim had
got them & if there were any from home. I may tell you
about Grand Valley. Last year Jim & I past through it
on our way to Brandon Hills & at that time there was
only one settlement & the McVicars who had squatted
by the river bank & kept the ferry or scow as they call
them. When the Syndicate resolved to run their line
by Grand Valley they offered McVicars 25000 dolls. [dollars]
for their land for the purpose of building their town
& station upon. This liberal offer was foolishly reject-
ed & so the surveyor was sent on & located the town
2 miles further up & on the other side of the river.
McVicar would not expect this action & you may guess
how sold he was when he found himself not the reject-
er but the rejected. Speculators & merchants had
lots bought & built upon & they also got badly
fooled over it. To add to the misfortunes of the
place the heavy water which came down in June
flooded the whole of McVicars land & both the
public & syndicate will be glad of the town being
built on a high & dry site. I found McVicarville
therefore half deserted & its inhabitants trying as
best they could to put a cheery face on their gloomy
circumstances & I saw the misguided man
who did not know when a little fortune lay at his
feet. Greed never comes in speed in true.

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