Titre: Letter of 4 October 1881 from William Lothian to Peter Lothian
Auteur: Lothian, William, d. 1930
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 B3, William Lothian
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squatted on the grass, their pony grazing at a little
distance. Travellers on the prairie seldom pass with-
out speaking generally enquiring like ships at sea
which meet seldom where from & where going to.
So I pulled up & found they were newly arrived
from Ontario that day & were now on their road
west to see the country with the object of taking
up land if pleased with the country. There were two
more but they had gone on ahead walking. They
asked me where I was going & if I had land &
after finding out I had been west a bit, they plied
me with questions & at last asked me if I would
not travel along with them & stay with them for
the night. They had a tent with them & as I did
not know where I might find myself when the
dark came I resolved to accept their offer. I expect-
ed to make 5 or 6 miles before night. They got their
pony into their rig & we started off & after going 2
miles they found out they had lost their hobbles.
I suppose you have an idea what they mean. When
travellers let their horses go to feed they tie their
fore legs together by a pair of hobbles two belts with
a piece of chain between them, thus these keep them from
wandering & make them easier to catch. Well back
they turned to find their hobbles & back also
comes the two had been away before who
wondered what was up when they saw the other
two were going back thinking the pony had run
away. They were two oldish men one of them a jolly
old fellow & a regular old wife to talk asking the
most absurd questions over & over again. The other
one was very angry at the idea of their going so far
back for such a small loss. He told them they did not
need to stop to feed the pony we only got it at Brandon
& how could it be hungry. So they went on speaking
till they came back which was in no short
time the sun beginning to dip below the horizon

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