Titre: Letter of 25 February 1909 from Wilfrid Lauirer to Rev. George Bryce
Auteur: Laurier, Wilfrid, Sir, 1841-1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG14 C15, Rev. George Bryce – 1874-1922 No. 55
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Private & Confidential. -
Ottawa, 25th February, 1909
Dear Doctor Byrce,-
Please let me again offer you my very sincere thanks for
your favour of the 18th instant. My Catholic friends have always felt
somewhat sore that the settlement we made in 1897, and in which you were
instrumental, while it proved effective in the country, remained abortive
in the cities. There is only one way in which I can see that the matter
can be settled: it would be to get the Catholic Schools taken over by the Trustees,
as was proposed by yourself and other friends, but as the proposition could
not be worked, the only method that I can see now would be by an improvement
of the Laurier-Greenway settlement effected in 1897. I think it can be
done easily enough and I cannot tell you how happy I would be of your assist-
If it be possible for me to put you in a position in
which you could be of greater service, will you please let me know.
Believe me as ever,
Dear Doctor Bryce
Yours very sincerely,
Wilfrid Laurier

Rev. [Reverend] Doctor George Bryce
Winnipeg, Man. [Manitoba]

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